Degelman SB700 Snow Bucket 84″ K120


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Additional Information

Snow Bucket

Not all buckets are created equal. This unique corrugated design was pioneered by Degelman and copied by rivals. They are up to three times stronger than off-the-shelf buckets. Our high quality front-end loader bucket is designed to take the place of your original bucket. Similar to our bulldozer blades, our buckets can take the punishment of everyday use. Four and five-tooth grapple attachments are available for seven and eight foot buckets and are adaptable to most brands of buckets. When the grapple isn’t needed, you can easily quick detach it from the bucket. The heavy-duty combination of our buckets and grapples is the proven choice for handling round bales, silage, manure and debris.

Mighty, Standard Features

Strong On Snow

The snow bucket provides durability in the most extreme applications. It was built to withstand the heaviest punishment with a minimum of maintenance. The formed steel body greatly increases this bucket’s strength over standard buckets. Plus, we added 3/8 inch internal stiffeners positioned precisely where the loads are the heaviest to reinforce the bucket even more. The replaceable high carbon steel cutting edge and 1/2 in. wear plates not only increase strength, but also increase the number of seasons you can use it trouble-free.

Strength Is In The Details

We know that the strongest designs start with smart thinking on the details.

  • Reinforced quick attach skid mounts to enable easy attachment to most skid steer loaders
  • Chain tie downs
  • 3/8 in. side plates
  • 1/2 in. high carbon steel side wear plates
  • 3/8 in. internal stiffeners
  • High carbon hardened steel bolt-on cutting edge
  • Safety step
  • Unibody mount supports