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TMG 60” Tractor Rouch Cut Mower Attachment


60” brush hog compatible w/20-60 HP tractors
1-½” to 11” cutting height for all types of vegetation
Made w/11 gauge steel & a cast-iron gearbox
Slip clutch PTO shaft for shock absorption
Replaceable skid shoes & shear blades

$59.67/month OAC

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TMG Industrial 40” brush flail mower


The TMG Industrial 40” brush flail mower for 6 to 8-ton excavators features a self-leveling kit, adjustable skid shoes, and a reliable belt-drive transmission. Designed for maximum efficiency this flail mower sits level thanks to the large skid shoes, making it easy to connect to. The self-leveling kits make mowing grass and bushes on slopes, riverbanks, hilly areas, and ditches a breeze. Sixteen long-lasting flail knives mean reliable cutting action for the full 40” width of this brush mower.


Financing Available
$106.03 OAC

TMG Industrial 9-ft Tractor Swing Backhoe Attachment


Attachment, Category 1 & 2, 180° Boom and Bucket Rotation, 15” Bucket Included,


  • Compatible w/45-100 HP tractors, 9’6″ digging depth
  • 180° of boom swing & 180° of bucket rotation
  • 15” digging bucket & rubber padded stabilizer legs
  • Designed for high breakout force & burrowing power
  • 3-point hitch w/Category 1 & 2 hookups

Brand New In The Crate

$138.96/month OAC

Financing Available

TMG RTR1175 3 Point Hitch Rototiller

  • Prepare garden beds & vegetable patches for easy seeding
  • Compatible with 35-55 HP compact tractors
  • 48 heavy-duty, hardened steel tines for superior digging power
  • 70” width & 6” tilling depth offers efficient work capacity
  • Direct drive central and side gearbox power transmission

Set Up And Ready To Till The Garden


$75.70/month OAC

Financing Available

Unused TMG Mini Exvavator Stump Grinder


Product Description

The TMG Industrial 18-in Stump Grinder for 3-7 Ton Excavators is ideal for municipalities, equipment rental, landscaping contractors, and homeowners with acreage. The compact size means access to stumps in tough to reach locations while the rugged grinding wheel with 16 forged steel carbide teeth makes quick work of the most stubborn of stumps. Safety and ease of use were key factors while designing this grinder. It features a replaceable fiber reinforced rubber guard to minimize chip spray and a footrest for level storage, keeping hoses and components off the ground.

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Unused TMG RT1175 Rototiller Attachment


Compatible with 35-55 HP tractors
Working width: 70”
Tilling depth: 6”
Flanges: 8
Tines per flange: 6
Total tine blades: 48
Rotor shaft: 243 RPM at 540 RPM PTO
Rotor swing diameter: 19”
Driveline shaft length: 22” – 30” (telescopic)
Adjustable skid shoes
Adjustable rear drag board with zinc plated springs
Included PTO driveline shaft, Category 1 & 2 hookups
Powder coated finish

$80.63 OAC

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